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Diversification of financial resources necessary to attract more foreign investment

Director General for Department of Loans, International Organizations and Institutions of the OIETAI said: After the implementation of JCPOA, channels of financial and banking systems gradually opened, leading us to negotiate with other countries.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Stating that diversification of foreign financial resources is an important factor in attracting foreign investors, Saeid Khani Oshani said: Ministry of Economy diversified foreign financial resources to attract more investment.

The eleventh government is trying to improve the country's economic conditions by attracting foreign investors; and now we are in talks and cooperation with Asian and European countries, Khani Oshani added.

High profitability, ensuring return on investment, and providing the relevant guarantees are necessary to create a stable investment environment, he stressed.

One of the most important factors involved in arranging contracts is risk sharing, he said, adding: In addition to the agreement, what makes investment attractive for investors is how to manage risk in investment.

Some projects will be finalized and profitable in a short time, but it needs years to implement some others and make them profitable; so, the Ministry of Economy has examined plans with a focus on the role of funding to have economic growth.