Managers of Economy Ministry are hard-working, moving on the right path

It is our duty to serve religion, revolution, country, people and people are right to say see us, listen to us, respond to our demands, the Iranian President said.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- In the meeting with the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and his deputies held on Monday, President Hassan Rouhani said: Everywhere in the world, some misuse people's demands and protest to their own advantage, but people are right to say 'see us, listen to us, and respond to our demands'.

Appreciating the services of the former economy minister Tayyebnia and his colleagues, he said: Managers of the economy ministry are hard-working and working on the right path; and Dr Karbasian possesses both knowledge and experience together.

President Rouhani described serving religion, revolution, country and people as the responsibility of all the authorities and said: We have a great nation. Authorities are not infallible and all authorities can be criticized and if this criticism is accompanied by hope, will and right solution, it will be very fruitful.

Stating that the root cause of the problems is the distance between us as authorities and the young generation, Rouhani added: One cannot impose their lifestyle on future generations.

People are right to say 'see us, listen to us, and respond to our demands', he continued, saying: Everywhere in the world, some misuse people's demands and protest to their own advantage.

The enemies that people drove out of Iran with the use of the revolution, want our country to be in state of unrest, said the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Referring to the special position of Iran in the region and the world and the goals of the enemies to create insecurity in Iran, the president said: Our country has an influential position in the region and the world, and we are faced with sworn enemies.

Today, some in the region are hostile to our country alongside the Zionist regime and the United States. Of course, the United States has already been hostile towards the Iranian nation before the revolution and supported the regime of the dictator at that time, and all parts of Iran were controlled by the Americans. Therefore, it is natural that when the Iranian people drove them out of the most important and sensitive country in the world, they become upset and angry and want our country to not be calm.

He went on to say: The United States' political reputation was tarnished in the UN Security Council for abusing the recent incidents".

Rouhani also added: To solve problems, individuals and the status quo should be criticized, rather than negation, saying: Authorities are not infallible and all authorities can be criticized and if this criticism is accompanied by hope, will and correct solution, it will be very fruitful.

He also went on to say: It is a misleading and insulting point of view that people's demands are only limited to economic issues.

People have economic, political, cultural and social demands, he continued, saying: If we fully accept that people are everything, the problems will be solved. If we talk with people transparently, our problems will be solved.

He said that people should know that the countries throughout the world trust in investing in Iran, adding: The path of economic engagement of people should be facilitated; the first step is cultural development.

Stating that the most important part of the economy is the re-distribution of revenues, such as taxes and zakat, the President said: In 1397 budget bill, we have anticipated some notes on the elimination of absolute poverty; the Majlis and its members should not retreat for any reason.

We have planned $70bn worth employment for our young generation; this goal should not be hindered, Rouhani added.

He also said: It is the responsibility of the parliament to complete, help, and reform; not change the nature and purpose of the budget bill; adding that problems like employment and poverty cannot be resolved through slogans.

Stating that over the past years, employment rate was about zero, which has now reached to 700,000, the president said: The forex income of the year 1394 was less than half of the previous government's last year.

People should be well informed about the regional and global conditions of economy and the growing trend of indices in Iran, he continued.

Rouhani also said: It must be made clear to the people that the government has chosen the right course in economy.

Even if all problems are solved, having a better life is people's right, he said, adding: The main purpose of 1397 budget is to improve people's lives.

Stating that unrest leads to escape of capital and damages the employment process, he said: Banks must be fully connected to the capital market.

The President also went on to say: Development of buildings and administrative sectors freezes banks' capital. Banks should release funds for helping the economy.

Paying taxes must become a public culture, even if it is minimal, Rouhani continued saying.

The culture of insurance must be developed so that people's lives suffer less from incidents, he said, adding: Insurers should not think about high profits; insurance should be competitive in the interests of people.