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Foreigners invest 1300 billion tomans in the capital market

Amir Hamooni, CEO of Irans OTC Market, said that foreigners invested 1300 billion tomans in the capital market during 2016 and after the implementation of JCPOA.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Last year, the index returns for the Tehran Stock Exchange and Iran's OTC Market were respectively 28% and 27%, Amir Hamooni stated.

In this period, the index returns for the New York Stock Exchange and the Saudi Stock Exchange were about 5% and 9% respectively, and the return of famous stock exchanges such as Shanghai and Shenzhen have fallen more than 12%, he noted.

Stating that last year the global economy was not in good condition, he said fluctuations in prices of basic metals and commodities such as steel, oil, petrochemicals, iron ore, petrochemical feed rate in the country had a negative impact on stock prices of the companies in the stock exchange and OTC market.

Hamooni further said that after the implementation of JCPOA, risk-averse investors and risk-taking investors entered the market, and added: Risk-averse investors purchased fixed-income securities and Islamic treasury bills; and risk-taking investors bought control stocks or invested in innovative projects.

The CEO of OTC announced that direct investment in the country's capital market was mostly done by Germans, and other investors form the Persian Gulf countries and some Asian countries were active in the market too.

The signing of an agreement with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin) will facilitate and accelerate the process of attracting foreign investment in the capital market, Hamooni said, adding: By signing agreements with two South Korean supervisory authorities, a billion dollars is entering the capital market of the country.