It is time to perform structural reforms in economy

The 11th governments policy and objective was to restore hope, calm and stability to the countrys economy through the removal of sanctions, reduction of inflation, and positive growth of economy, which was successfully implemented, said Ali Tayebnia, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- The government's goals have been met and we are seeing good conditions, and I think the goal of the future government should be structural reforms in the economy of the country, Ali Tayebnia stressed.

Pointing to the very severe conditions of the country's economy at the beginning of the 11th government, such as the sovereignty of inflation, the negative growth rate and sharp fluctuations in the capital and currency markets, and the lack of a positive outlook for the future, the Minister added: Fortunately, as a result of a set of measures and especially because of the patience and support of the people, we were able to cope with the problems.

Although coping with those difficult conditions is very valuable and significant, it should be noted that it does not meet the development needs of the country in any way, he stressed.

Stating that the average growth rate of 3.2 percent along with the rule of the state-owned and oil economy are considered as a long-term feature of the country's economy, Tayebnia said: My impression is that today, after the rule of stability in the country and the passionate presence of people in economic and political arena, it is time to perform structural reforms.