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Ministry of Economy, the first strategy-based ministry

Stating that the application of strategic management in the Ministry of Economy happens for the first time among government agencies, the deputy economy minister for strategic management said: Some people may argue that a government agency does not require a strategic plan because such plans are suitable for private organizations that work in a competitive environment, but this argument is not correct.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- The Ministry of Economy has tried to consider problems that prevent from achieving the goals of the strategic plan; for example, one of the most important problems is to spend much time to write a plan, Lashkar Blouki added.

Saying that the achievements of strategic management will be reported in early next year, he noted: In the field of transparency, discipline, and financial and administrative health, we see a growth of 117% in smuggling discoveries in eight months of 1395 compared to the same period last year which is the result of the implementation of the new customs project.

After the implementation of the new customs project, Iran jumped 18 places to the 96th rank in the World Bank's Logistics Performance Index, which is unprecedented in the history of Iran's customs, Lashkar Blouki stressed.

As to the credit risk rating of Iran, he said:  Iran's ranking is currently sixth, it will possibly reach 5 next year, and tax revenue has surpassed oil revenue.

In the end, Lashkar Blouki added: The experience of planning help us to think and act more rational; maybe the goals of strategic management have not been achieved completely, but its benefits cannot be denied.