We seek to rationalize bank interest rate in favor of production

In the year of Production and Employment, I am honored to open 303 agricultural projects and pleased that the agricultural sector works well in Isfahan province, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- The country's economy has reached relative balance and stability, and the country's trade balance has been positive, and the main burden, except for oil, is on agricultural products, Karbassian added.

Realization of 2.7% of the 8% growth projected in the law is anticipated through improving productivity, which is what we are seeing in this project, he noted

Karbassian further emphasized that the government is eager to take effective steps in the field of agriculture.

The country's banking system faces many problems, one of which is unauthorized financial and credit institutions, and the government is seeking to solve it; one way to solve this issue is to get help from the Islamic Treasury instruments, Karbassian noted.

Stating that the government and the parliament are alongside the agricultural sector, the Minister of Economy added: I am glad that today we are faced with a positive food balance and self-sufficiency of wheat and some agricultural products.

He said that the reason for the delay in offering Islamic treasury bonds is its effect on the country's economy, which should be offered gradually to avoid its negative impact on the economy.

We, in the government, are trying to reduce the bank interest rate and to organize banking processes in favor of production, Karbassian continued.