People have right to keep their assets in a transparent market

Stating that dealings should be done in a transparent market, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said: The market should be in a channel that wealth changes from asset to capital.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Since the adoption of the new capital market law that allows the introduction of new financial instruments, we have witnessed the development of the stock exchange, Tayyebnia added.

We are determined to use the existing capacities of the capital market for the agricultural sector; therefore, the guaranteed price policy has facilitated the process, he noted.

The main objective of the resistance economy is to achieve sustainable economic growth which reduces poverty, and the capital market should also contribute towards this goal, Tayyebnia stated.

The capital market must be the best place to keep people's assets, he said, adding: People have the right to keep their assets in a transparent market which has adequate liquidity.

People are traditionally accustomed to entering their assets in real estate, gold and other markets, while the capital market can well play a role in this area and serve the country's development, Tayyebnia continued.

One of the main measures taken by the government is the launch of debt market; This means that until two years ago there was no such a mechanism in the country's capital market, the Minister stressed.

In the end, Tayyebnia noted that the government set up this market for two major objectives: Financing manufacturing firms with a priority on the private sector's firms, and organizing the government debt instead of creating new debts.