We expect recent approvals of Money and Credit Council to boost production

At the inauguration ceremony of 8 projects of Isfahan Electricity Company with a credit worth 530 billion rials, Karbassian said that the twelfth government is determined to change the banking system in favor of production.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Production and employment are a central issue for the government, which part of its prerequisites, such as financing, is one of the central tasks of the Ministry of Economy, Karbassian stated.

Pointing to the central role of banks in the issue of domestic financing, he said: In the eleventh government, part of government debt was paid to banks, but banks still have a lot of deferred claims from the private sector and the government.

Following the recent approvals of the Money and Credit Council, the 8-article circular of the Central Bank is being implemented on Saturday, the most important of which is the decline in bank deposit profits, and we hope that it will help to boost production, the Minister continued.

Good things have happened in the field of foreign investment, and Isfahan has a high potential in this regard, he said.

Although two solar power plant projects are now underway with the participation of foreign investors in Isfahan, the capacity of the province to attract foreign investment is much higher than this, Karbassian added.