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New products reduce the gap between Iran, world banking systems

Hussein Ghazavi, Deputy Director of Banking and Insurance Affairs of the Ministry of Economy, said that the development of new products in the eleventh government is reducing the gap between Iran and the worlds banking systems.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Regarding the electronic banking, he stated: Before the eleventh government, a total of 27 thousand ATMs were operating in the country, but during the eleventh government the number of ATMs across the country increased by 15 thousand, reaching 42 thousand.

During the eleventh government and despite the cruel sanctions imposed on the country, Iran did not fall behind in the international developments in this area, Ghazavi said.

As to the government's social approach in this area, he said that in one hand, the government is facilitating exchanges and providing security for society and on the other hand, the possibility of errors in electronic transactions is zero.

Ghazavi further stated that a significant part of the software currently used in the country's  banking system has been developed by domestic experts.

The Deputy Director of Banking and Insurance Affairs of the Ministry of Economy also pointed to the measures taken by the government in customs and said: In the area of ​​customs, many efforts have been made, for example all the processes required to export goods can be done using the internet. The import processes are also the same and we have large projects in this area.

In the end, Ghazavi stressed that electronic processes and new projects will facilitate information management for the country's economic system.