Bank Meli, symbol of Iranian nation efforts to become independent

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance says that Bank Meli Iran (BMI) is not only a banking symbol, but also the symbol of the Iranian nation’s efforts to become independent.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Speaking in the opening ceremony of the BMI’s Museum, Ali Tayyebnia pointed to the history of the Iranian nation’s efforts to establish the first Iranian independent bank since the early Qajar period, and said: Since then, Bank Meli Iran has always been a leading bank, and with more than 3,000 branches and 40,000 employees it has a wealth of accumulated capital and knowledge of banking experience.

“Of course, I believe that these efforts, given the great record of BMI, are still not enough,” said Tayyebnia, expressing his satisfaction with the effective efforts of BMI to play a leading role in the banking system.

He further described the government's expectations of BMI as one of the most successful banks in the country, and expressed hope that the bank will continue its efforts to support the small and medium industries and supply capital flows in business.

Tayyebnia added that BMI should play a leading role in reducing bank interest rates by using zero credit risk.

The Minister of Economy also stated that the government expects BMI to take advantages of the post-JCPOA openings for the development of interbank cooperation, promote transparency and fight corruption, accelerate the transfer of surplus assets, and accelerate the promotion and reform of the structure of the banking system.