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Main objective of FINEX 2017 is to develop a culture of investment

Shapour Mohammadi, Head of Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran, says that the most important goal of FINEX 2017 is to develop a culture of investment.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- In every country, financial markets need to promote a culture of investment and stock and therefore our most important aim in the Exhibition of Bank, Exchange & Insurance is the matter of culture, Mohammadi added.

As to the international aspect of FINEX 2017, he said: Various measures have been taken to strengthen the international dimension of the exhibition, such as opening accounts for foreign investors and transfer of funds.

Ten million and five hundred thousand people in Iran have shareholding codes who can participate in the exhibition to get various information, the Head of Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran noted.

Mohammadi further recommended all those who are active in the financial industry attend the exhibition and said: The exhibition is a good opportunity for the Securities and Exchange Organization to boost interaction among insurance companies, banks and the capital market.

According to him, new instruments such as options will be introduced in the exhibition.

In the end, Mohammadi pointed to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS Standards) and said: About 20 companies, including banks and companies, are required to submit their reports in this year in accordance with IFRS Standards.