Economy Minister outlines new system for granting business licenses

Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran described the new system for granting business licenses to improve the business environment in the country.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Speaking at the unveiling ceremony of two systems -- environmental system as well as granting license system for industrial, manufacturing, and service units -- Ali Tayyebnia pointed to some structural problems affecting economic growth, such as low growth, sharp fluctuations, and insignificant contribution to improving the efficiency of economic growth, and said: These problems provided the conditions that, if continued, would not certainly lead to the improvement of people's living standards.

Economy Minister further said that the government plans to reduce the share of oil revenues, increase tax revenues, and raise the share of revenue from non-oil exports.

We believe the improvement of the business environment is more important than the transfer of state-owned companies to the private sector, which sadly, in practice, less attention has been paid to it in the past and therefore in the eleventh government we have focused on this issue, he added.

Stating that the difficulty and complexity of the process of getting business licenses is an important obstacle before investors and as a deterrent to improving the business environment in the country, Tayyebnia said: Important and valuable actions have been taken to fix the problem, such as the establishment of an office to monitor and improve business environment in the Ministry of Economy and the launch of a registration system to get business licenses.

Based on a comprehensive research that we've done with the help of several prestigious universities in the country, we know very well that how many licenses are needed to start a business, he added.

Issuing licenses for industrial, manufacturing, and service units is a very important part of licenses issued by the Iranian Department of Environment because it is the prerequisite of issuing other 140 licenses, Tayyebnia stated.

Licenses will be issued electronically using information technology, he said, adding: There are 16,000 offices across the country that issue them.