67th meeting of Public-Private Sector Dialogue Council held

The 67th meeting of the Public-Private Sector Dialogue Council was chaired by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance at the Chamber of Commerce.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- At the meeting, Ali Tayyebnia expressed satisfaction at the successful and regular holding of meetings and said: I am delighted that the council's meetings have helped improve economic growth over the past four years.

He argued that the main reason for the low economic growth and its fluctuations is the state-owned and oil-based economy and stated: If during the past four decades, economic growth was 3.2 percent, it was only due to the Iranian state-owned and oil-based economy.

Saying that we were facing difficult times at the start of the eleventh government, the minister said: Inflation with a very vague future eliminates the investment incentives in production sector, and we have no choice but to develop two short-term and long-term plans for market stability.

In the short-term plan, we were able to control the market's emotions and achieve relative stability with the help of the private sector, Tayyebnia added.

In addition to implementing the short-term plan, we implemented the structural reform program and the long-term plan, and we tried to reduce the weaknesses of the plan during its implementation, he continued.

Tayyebnia further said the improvement of the business environment should be our top priority, and added: The Supreme Leader complains about the lack of full implementation and inappropriate speed of Article 44 of the Constitution, which should be reformed.

"The banks are not able to provide the necessary resources for production, and the financing rate by the banks is high and no firms can supply it," the minister said with an emphasis on reforming the country's financial system, which is mainly bank-centered.