Iran Customs, desirable example of mechanization and detection of customs offenses in the world

The Secretary-General of the World Customs Organization, in a meeting with Iran’s Minister of Economy, called for the countrys experience to be presented at the General Assembly of the World Customs Organization.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Mikuriya Kunio, the secretary-general of the World Customs Organization, said in a statement to journalists: Today I had a good talk with the Iranian Minister of Economy, and my estimation was that the Iranian customs were very successful in the renovation project and this is really a pleasure for me.

Massoud Karbasian, the Iranian Minister of Economy, pointed out the importance and position of the World Customs Organization in the economic relations of the world, saying Iran is one of the oldest members of the organization.

Stating that the World Customs Organization has various duties, including tariff standardization and judgment in cases of disagreement between countries, he said: We in the past have been members of various committees of the organization, such as the Audit Committee, and we already have very good cooperation with this organization.

Karbasian called Kunio a good general secretary with a very well-known customs record and said: He is taking an opportunity ahead of the eighth ECO summit in Islamabad to visit our customs and the measures taken on the mechanization of customs services.

The Minister of Economy added that Kunio today saw Iran as a good example in mechanization, detection of violations and implementation of international rules and standards.

Given Mr. Mikhuria's access to customs statistics and information from other countries, we are eager to receive his comments and suggestions to improve customs services in the country, he said.

In response to a question about Iran's rank in the fight against customs offenses, Karbassian referred to the evaluation of the RILO affiliated with the World Customs Organization, whose task is to monitor the activities related to the pursuit of customs offenses -- including smuggling and the entry and exit of counterfeit goods as well as violations related to intellectual property violations -- said: For two years, the organization has placed Iran's customs in the second place and this year in the first place.