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Iran foreign debt is less than $10 billion

Irans economy with a GDP of $400 billion and $170 billion of foreign trade has less than $10 billion foreign debt, Deputy Economy Minister said.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Such conditions for such an economy can attract foreign investment over the coming years, resolving part of the country's need for capital, Hussein Ghazavi added.

The country’s banking system under such conditions can desirably play its role and the role of Bank Maskan is a key and effective role in this regard, he continued.

Pointing to the dramatic effects of Bank Maskan in recent years, Ghazavi said: At present the housing sector should be viewed as the leading sector in the economy to boost economic growth and job creation.

The housing sector can become the locomotive of Iran’s economy and provide economic growth if there is a balance in financing the supply and demand, he noted, adding: Supply and demand also have different components and all components of the housing sector should be equally supported by Bank Maskan.