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WCO conventions should be changed in line with advancement of information technology

Masoud Karbassian, president of the Iranian Customs Administration, made constructive suggestions at the World Customs Organization’s Council Summit, saying that the conventions and recommendations of WCO should be changed in line with the advancement of information technology.
(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Karbassian thanked the head of the council and the secretary general for providing guidance and comprehensive report on the progress of the implementation of the strategic plan, and added: The method of progress report as a matrix is useful and facilitates the implementation of the strategic plan. The World Customs Organization is a place for exchanging views and getting information about the ever-changing atmosphere of trade and customs.

"I would like to make two very brief points: first, almost all 16 conventions and recommendations have been created somewhat before the advent of information technology advances, and therefore in some cases do not fit the needs of the day and the members. Of course, packages, summaries, guidelines for the Kyoto Convention on Information Technology, the World Customs Organization's information technology conference, and especially the Fifth Strategic Objective established by the World Customs Organization, are very good tools for supplementing the conventions, but it seems that the conventions of the World Customs Organization, which are the basis of other instruments, are gradually requiring revision and synchronization with the needs of the day,” he said.

“Second, given the increasing importance of information technology in the digital customs age, and especially the slogan of the year, which is data analysis for coordinated border management, the Subcommittee on Information Management, which is under the permanent technical committee, should be promoted to an independent committee”, Karbassian continued.