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Mohammadi outlines latest measures taken by SEO

Head of Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) outlined latest activities in the area of transparency and safe market over the past year.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Shapur Mohammadi, head of Securities and Exchange Organization, described Book Building as one of the main concerns of stock pricing in early deliveries and said: Book Building has provided equal opportunities for all investors, and the important needs of capital market activists were met by strengthening its mechanism.

The head of the Securities and Exchange Organization referred to the update of the ATOS Trading System and noted: Within the next two months, we will operate the new trading system, which is one of the most important measures for market development.

Mohammadi pointed to the necessity of reforming the capital market rules and continued: The Stock Exchange Research Center has reformed all the laws and regulations of the capital market and has made public current regulations with all modifications.

Stating that "Option deals" in the Tehran Stock Exchange and commodities exchange were among other effective measures, he said: Option trading volumes are growing in the Tehran Stock Exchange and commodities exchange, and there will be more opportunities available for stockholders in the future.

Mohammadi further pointed to algorithmic deals and added: Algorithmic trading has now grown, so that in total, brokers have done 100 billion tomans of high-frequency deals so far.

In the next two months, the reform of the capital market law will be finalized and submitted to the Supreme Council of the Exchange, the head of SEO noted.

One of the concerns of market activists was the process of stopping and reopening symbols, which was considered by the organization and its new guidelines will be fully implemented soon, he continued.

Mohammadi pointed out the issuance of capital market licenses to improve the business environment and added that now the required brokers' licenses have been reduced from 21 to 7 licenses.

As to the field of culture, he said that the Exhibition of Bank, Exchange & Insurance has taken a number of measures to increase public knowledge.