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Realization of Resistance Economy policies is possible by increasing non-oil exports

The acting head of the Iranian Customs Administration says the realization of the general policies of resistance economy is possible by increasing non-oil exports.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Stating that non-oil exports to target countries, in particular Qatar and Russia, are regarded as a necessity for the country, Foroud Asgari said: We have to take advantage of this opportunity and should not stay behind rival countries.

He pointed to Qatar's export advantages and added: We have advantages in terms of building materials, fruits and vegetables for export to Qatar, and Bushehr's customs is the shortest route to export to this country.

Our compatriots in this country are among the wealthy in Qatar and they can contribute to this goal, Asgari continued.

As to the problems of exporters he said: All exporters' problems will be summed up at the customs meetings and will be presented to the public-private dialogue council to find solutions for them.

Since high shipping costs are among the main problems of exporters, Article 3 allows us, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, to manage the costs of exports, Asgari noted.

Assargi also talked about the problems of exports to Iraq and Afghanistan, saying that they will be solved in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs soon.