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Timely payment of claims is main objective of insurance industry

The head of Central Insurance of Iran says that the timely payment of actual losses is one of the greatest demands of the people.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- The best time to satisfy the insured, as well as the most appropriate time for insurance marketing, is when claims are being paid, Hemati said.

He added that accurate and fair estimation of actual losses and timely payment to the losers are the main objective of the insurance industry.

Hemati further said the damage assessment by insurance companies is a challenging issue and added: Considering the issuance of more than 50 million insurance policies and more than 5 million payments within the year, there is a perfectly suitable atmosphere for the activity of this group of insurance industry activists to respond to one of the greatest demands of people who receive real losses.

Concluding a contract with insurance companies, attending the accident scene and carrying out the loss estimation will promote people's trust in the insurance industry, he stated.