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Iran customs practices, successful global model

Mikuriya Kunio emphasized the pattern of the Iranian Customs Administration for the member states of the World Customs Organization, praising the actions taken during the presidency of Massoud Karbassian on the Administration and considered it a good model for other countries.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- In his meeting with the President of Iran’s Customs Administration, the Secretary-General of the World Customs Organization (WCO) said Iran's Customs Administration is one of the most successful members of the WCO.

Commenting on the performance of the Iranian Customs Administration in recent years, Mikhuria said: The Iranian Customs Administration has made significant changes in the information technology and we want to apply these experiences to the members of the WCO.

Mikhuria, who is in Iran to examine the development process of Iran's Customs Administration, stated: The process of development is very influential for me, because I see you have managed to realize the vision you set in 2004.

The secretary-general of the World Customs Organization noted the efforts of other countries in the global customs world and said: You have designed and implemented the Single-Window System very extensively, while this is a concern of members of the World Customs Organization, and so many countries tried in this area but unfortunately failed, and now they face a lot of difficulties in this regard.