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BIM allocates 741 million dollars to production sector

Iran’s Bank of Industry and Mine (BIM) has allocated $741 million to industrial units in Fars province.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- In order to support the country’s industries for sustainable development and employment, so far the Pasargad Steel Mine Project has received $294 million. East Arsh Kabir, Kaveh Sodium Carbonate, Jahrom’s Hafez Golden Cluster Industrial Bread, Sepidan Cheshmeh Mineral Water, Farsat Force Pars and Jahrom’s Technical Shayat Power also received facilities worth 43 million Euros. Gray Nemiroos Cement, Neyriz Steel and West Nosan-negar projects gain facilities worth $398 million.

Moreover, the small and medium industries received 45.8 billion tomans for the projects of Zagros Fars Paper, Farsayar Kaj, Pars Fanavaran Kousha and Persa Concrete.

It is worth mentioning that in 1395 (March 2016-17) the Bank of Industry and Mine paid 190 billion tomans to various industrial units in order to create, develop and complete, reconstruct and provide working capital of various industrial units of Fars province.